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 B&G Nurseries

B&G Nurseries is the acorn from which FerryFast Produce Ltd and Worcester Produce has grown.


B&G Nurseries was set up in the late 70's by Bob Byrd and Nick Gorin on 2 glasshouse sites in Aldington and Offenham. B&G Nurseries has expanded over the years to have 9 acres of glasshouses and over 400 acres of land with production sites in Aldington, Offenham, Harvington and the Lenches.


One of the core activities of B&G is the preservation of traditional plum production in the Vale of Evesham.  We are the largest plum producer left in the Vale with over 100 acres of traditional varieties, harvested between July - September.  Complementing this activity, there are 80 acres of dessert apples and 100 acres of cider apples.  We have also established 30 acres of new cider orchards last year (2011).


The glasshouses produce a range of high quality early crops including Celery and Beetroot.  Later in the season the production moves to Chillies, producing Fresno and Jalepeno varieties.


The third arm of the business is outdoor vegetable production, covering over 100 acres of land mainly around the Harvington area.  B&G specialise in all year round Brassica production including Purple Sprouting, Broccoli, Savoy Cabbage, Red & Green Kale and Black Cabbage.  Another core crop is Celeriac that is available from August - March.


B&G Nurseries trial new crops, and over the years have added Culinary Herbs, Courgettes, Marrows and Sweetcorn to the growing mix.  B&G Nurseries remit is to provide FerryFast Produce Ltd with the right quality produce at the right time.

 To apply for harvesting/seasonal jobs:

Contact: Jenny Tolhurst


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